Financing possibilities at Autopark Lenz

Classic financing

We offer financing with a flexible down payment and an attractive and individual financial plan. You choose the term, down payment and instalment.

In contrast to leasing, you are the owner of the vehicle – with unlimited use.


Further benefits include:

  • simple transactions
  • upon request no down payment (if creditworthy) special repayments possible
  • credit protection optionally selectable
  • credit protection optionally selectable
  • repayment period of 12-96 months
  • premature repayment possible

Balloon financing

Total freedom of choice at low rates:

due to a higher final payment, the monthly charge is relatively low.


Advantages in detail


  • Repayment period between 13-61 months
  • low monthly payments thanks to a flexible final instalment
  • premature repayment possible
  • special repayment possible
  • optional credit protection


Maximum flexibility at the end of the contract


  1. Pay the final instalment and the vehicle belongs to you.
  2. You continue driving the car and financing the vehicle at favorable conditions (depends on credit rating).


How does leasing differ from financing? Leasing is a modern form of financing which focuses on the use of a vehicle and not the ownership of it. The leasing company acquires the ownership of the vehicle and leaves it to the lessee in return for the payment of an agreed monthly fee during the predetermined contractual leasing period. Which means you practically rent the vehicle. During the leasing period, the lessee is obliged to maintain the vehicle and is liable for any damages (or rather his compulsory comprehensive insurance coverage). After the leasing contract expires, the car can either be returned, purchased or further financed.

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